Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I'm A Social Activist. Black Lives Matter UNTIL A Black Person Challenges ME, A White Woman: Kayla Renee Parker and the Failure of Intersectionality

For the past few days, I have been attempting to write a post regarding Philando Castille, but it has been too painful to write.  Injustice in America 2017.  Sigh.  This morning, I noticed that an article had been sent to me via Facebook Messenger. Immediately, I said, “This is your blog post for today. You can write this one in your sleep.”   The breakdown of the story is:  A young, black female undergraduate challenged her white professor about a quiz question pertaining to the breakdown of the black family during slavery.  The faculty member, who is still heavily relying upon textbooks written during the 1960s, believed that slave families remained intact and attempted to downplay the role that slavery had in the destruction of the black family.

Ms. Parker's account, of her experiences with her instructor, can be found at:


The student, Ms. Kayla Renee Parker, proceeded to justify her answer to Professor Morelock.  Morelock gave the class full credit for the question, regardless of their answer, and that led to her beginning to quest to open a can of “whup ass” on Parker.   Morelock challenged Parker to present her “alternative facts” to the class, and with the encouragement of the department chair, Parker did just that.  Morelock, like many social media users, turned to Facebook and asked for “advice” on how to retaliate against Parker.  Of course, there was a “Golden Negra” in the group providing Morelock with encouragement.  A “woke” African American woman admonished the Golden Negra and said how there was always a “coon” in the group.  Morelock discussed how she planned on ruining Parker via posting screenshots of her LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.  She also stated that after Parker graduated “all bets were off.”  

Morelock, an instructor who wore a safety pin to class, talked incessantly about “Black Lives Matter” and had a Black Power emblem as her Facebook profile photo, was now a White woman who wrote messages such as “I don’t forget malevolent attempts to harm me.  #karmawillfindyou” on her Facebook wall.  This “progressive feminist” demonstrated to Ms. Parker that she truly did not embrace the importance of feminism and intersectionality.  In her final email to Ms. Parker, she stated, “I’m sorry if I upset you.  Please accept this complimentary dildo, and go fuck yourself.”

For lack of better phrasing, Ms. Morelock elected to eff with the wrong bitch.  Parker is not one of those first-generation black college students that some white folk like to fawn over.  Her father was educated at Yale Medical School.  Over the past three years, countless people have said the same to me.  In fact, after my episode aired on Showtime, I had journalists even say to me, “Dr. Cobb, they chose the wrong bitch to mess with. You showed them exactly how “crazy’" you are by showing the nation, via Showtime’s “Dark Net” the sheer hell that you endured while being employed at Desert Vista High School as well as being an Ahwatukee resident. Wow.”

Ms. Parker, I know your pain.  I know your struggle.  I would like to tell you that it will get easier for you, but it will not.  At 42 years old, I had to deal with a Ms. Morelock. This young woman, similar to Morelock, likes to consider herself a social activist.  She wears the pins, fights against dress codes that infringes on the rights of women, etc. . . Yet, she is what I call absolutely dangerous.  For the sake of this post, I will say that her name is Heather.  Heather deems herself as an actress.  She has participated in local theater for years, and from what her peers have shared with me, she is a chronic liar.  Recently, I asked a Caucasian woman about Heather, and she said, “Cicely, she’s been a liar since we were in middle school.   She would tell us that her mother threw her out the window, and her brother would have to inform us to disregard his sister. Something is seriously wrong with her.”  Three summers ago, while exercising at a local gym, Heather came up to me to say hello.  Immediately, my guard was up, and I stated, “I am trying to exercise in peace. I do not want my whereabouts posted on social media.”  Heather proceeded to write a tweet in all caps about my presence at the facility.  You know who was believed – Heather.  In fact, the gym director told me that I had verbally assaulted Heather in the parking lot, and it spilled over into the gym.  I said, “Please pull the tape.  You do have video footage, correct? You will see me peacefully working out and Heather approached me.”  She said, “Cicely, oh, I stand corrected.  I thought that you confronted her outside.  That’s what I was told.”  The director had previously informed me that Heather was a nuisance due to her disrespect towards adults, but when that color line was drawn. . . . Y’all know the rest. 

Heather removed the tweet, but her “alternative facts” led to her mother sending me vicious Facebook messages as well as informing local landscapers not to service my residence.  A local Facebook page administrator contacted the landscaper’s wife and said, “Did you hear from Heather’s mother?”  The woman said, “Yes!  She said that Cicely was this terrible person, and that my husband shouldn’t come to her house.”  Months later, after servicing my lawn, the landscaper’s wife profusely apologized to me for ever believing Heather’s mother.  She thanked me for my support and spreading the word about their business.


The irony in this situation is that Heather recently tweeted that she is a “social activist” and that anyone that knows her realizes that she fights for social justice.  Heather is a younger version of Ms. Morelock, and those are the type of White women that minorities need to fear.  Heather is a social activist/feminist, but when I was assaulted in my classroom, three years later, she tweeted that I was a “joke” and that it was a “simple tap.” She tweeted that I sold my assault video footage to the local news stations.  Heather also stated that I illegally filmed my assault.  Lies.   Feminism.  Intersectionality.  Feminism.  Intersectionality.   Heather is the type of white female that if I had a black son, I would scream, “Stay away from her before you end up in jail!”

Ms. Parker, thank you for sharing your story.  You have provided me with the strength to fully write about my experience.   Women, like Heather and Ms. Morelock, are not our allies.  They are racists who need to view themselves as “part of the problem” and most definitely are “contributing to a racist and unjust society.”

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