Sunday, November 19, 2017

Showtime's Dark Net: Six Months Later. . .

Six months ago, my episode of "Dark Net" aired. I am a Cyberbully victim, SURVIVOR, and activist.  This is what has transpired since the May 2017 airing:

* I have grown to love and appreciate Nick and Quentin more. Those young men stood up for me and told the nation how TUHSD treated me. 
* Karma is indeed something else. There has been such a shakeup at TUHSD.  Anna Battle, from one black woman to another,  "Girlfriend," (as you called me), you should have been awarded the Supt. position. You did everything that those people asked you to do, and then some.  It was time for an African American Supt.  Please do not believe what Dee Dee said that they wanted someone who had experience outside of the District.  You do recall the Supt. prior to Dr. Baca.  Didn't he only have TUHSD experience?  As my Mom says all the time, "White folk will make a way for who they want, regardless of what they tell the press that they desire."  You would have been the Supt. of TUHSD if you had not cost them so much money with your FIFTY AND ELEVENTY lawsuits AND my episode of "Dark Net."  There is no way that they were going to award you this prestigious position when you have probably cost them a significant amount of money over the past 30 years.  From my "perspective" (Kevin, thank you so much for that phrase), your excessive bullying and vengeance cost you that position.  Oh, and your "community" that loved you so much?  Why did they fail to protest your failure to receive the position?  Here is why - they do not need you anymore. You served your purpose, and they have moved on.  Moved. on.  
* I allowed the Lord to FINALLY fight this battle for me.  Wait on the Lord, and He will renew your strength.  
* Kevin, I still do not believe that you will work one day as TUHSD's Supt.  If that day comes to fruition, then the Prince of Zamunda will be asking me to marry him. 
* Kevin, Kenneth, AND Greg Wyman, your time is coming.  Anna has issues, but do you think that she is going to allow y'all to use her as a scapegoat without a price? Ha. You are three men who, from my perspective, allowed these White, Ahwatukee racists to cyberstalk and bully me.  Greg, it is time to also mention you.  You were the Asst. Supt. of Operations, and you were fully aware of my Desert Vista assault, yet what was your response? Kevin, although you are childless, you have nieces and nephews.  I saw the photos in your office.  How would you feel if someone cyberbullied them?  Kenneth, how would you feel if someone stalked your daughter or son?
* Black female parents are reaching out to me and asking for assistance with their sons who are being bullied by TUHSD students/other AZ school districts. 
Kevin, what in the world is allegedly going on in your schools?   I said, "How in the world did you find me?" One woman said, "Everyone knows about your struggle." Another AZ African American parent contacted me due to her child being bullied.  She said, "I googled to see who else has struggled with bullying while being black in AZ, and your name appeared." 
* I am thankful for my parents.
* I need for Oprah to contact me now and make a reality show based upon educators and their experiences. My TUHSD experience is not over yet.  The Lord has told me that.  Now, TUHSD thought that I was crazy about my "visions."  Everything that I told y'all has come to fruition.  Take HEED.

* Readers, I would like to thank you for following me.  God bless.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Nic Stone's Dear Martin, Tempe Union High School District, and Self Hatred: Jesus, Don't Take the Wheel. Take the Entire Car.

This weekend, I read Nic Stone’s Dear Martin.  I found myself, underneath my comforter, reading her novel at 3 AM.  I could not put it down.  I will not ruin the book for you by giving you a synopsis. Instead, I would encourage you to spend the $10.99 and have it downloaded to your Kindle.   Justyne.  S.J., Manny, and Doc. 


The Black Man Curse is real, and I will devote the remainder of my post discussing how I was “Doc” at Desert Vista High School.  Many students shared with me their issues, with race, at DV. Contrary to what Dr. Anna Battle says, there were profound racial issues at Desert Vista High School.  From “my perspective,” Anna Battle ruined her reputation by suggesting that DV did not have racial issues when the T-shirt issue occurred.  Anna, “girlfriend,” (as you used to say to me), the worst thing that you could have done was defend those racist girls for the shirt incident.  Sweet Lord, Dr. Baca showed more anger than you did during the press conference. 

Self-hatred.  Sigh.

 Dr. Kevin Mendivil can continue to be delusional and say, “Dr. Cobb, from your perspective. . .” all that he desires.  My response, “Kevin, have 50 seats, please.  TUHSD would not be a “hot mess” if you had actually taken your Human Resources position seriously. “

There were two groups of African American students at DV – those born and raised in Ahwatukee and those from other parts of Phoenix/transfer students from another state. Indeed, the contrast was obvious.  DVHS’s  black students?  Lawd, where do I even begin?  They typically had African American parents who felt as if they made it.  I compare them to Lawrence Otis Graham and his black elite saga. By this, I suggest that a plethora of black Ahwatukee parents subscribe to the post racial society viewpoint.  In fact, I worked with one back in 2012.  For the purpose of this post, her name is Michelle.  Prior to DV, I worked with an Ahwatukee resident who,  despite wearing long dreadlocks and being a fan of African American literature, Michelle drank the post racial society Kool Aid, and I sat back and watched her write up a fellow colleague for being “ghetto” and allegedly rolling her neck during meetings.  This did not occur, but Michelle was similar to my former TUHSD supervisor, and she thrived off of, from “my perspective,”  keeping her foot on black women’s necks.  Michelle was raising her son in the same manner as Manny’s parents in Dear Martin.  It’s good for my baby to have White friends.  He can’t “pass,” but White folks have embraced him.


The novel reminded me of one student, whom I truly know that it will take a powerful force for him to make it.  For the purpose of this post, his name is Michael. In 2013, Michael was a Senior in my English course, and he was definitely lost.  Oh he thought that his fair complexion welcomed him into the “White world, “ but it did not.  Michael was caught saying “nigger” in my classroom, and I suggested that he read Richard Wright’s Native Son.  Of course, DV’s former principal twisted the matter to make it appear as if I was punishing Michael, and I was reprimanded for this.

Self-hatred is real. 

I taught my share of Blakes, Mannys, and Justyces.  It pained me to see black male and female students shrug off racist comments in order to be “cool.”  That brings me to “Benjamin.”  Benjamin is the young man who knows that a white racist said, “Benjamin take out your driver’s license.  We can only see your teeth since you are so black.”  My former co-teacher, a Hispanic male, was the ultimate Senor Pocho who did nothing to alleviate the racial tension found at Desert Vista.  It sickens me that he continues to receive awards.  From my viewpoint, he fostered the racism found on campus, and a former African American student informed me how he openly laughed at me when a student made some remarks about me in class.  Yet, this teacher is applauded; however, if you gave tests with question as easy as “What holiday do we celebrate on the 4th of July,” you would be commended as well, if you needed an “A” in a History class.


Benjamin should have been like Justyce and punched the racist in his mouth, but of course, he did not, because it was more important for him to love the White folk in his Junior class - - -the same ones who elevated him and made him the “token black” during the 2013-14 academic year and remain in their good graces.

Benjamin, you sold out a black teacher.  Have your former classmates remained in touch with you?  I seriously doubt it. 


The “Docs” make a serious sacrifice trying to mentor African American children who attend predominately White schools.  For many, it costs them their position, because you have those self-loathing administrators who swear that their campus does not have any racial issues.

Anna Battle, 3 +3 equals what?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

There's A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On: TUHSD's Executive Team And Their Desire to Leave The Nest

Some days, I feel like “Westie” from Westie Connect (  Westie has been exposing Gilbert Unified since her close acquaintance was wrongfully terminated from the Gilbert Unified School District.  Be sure to check Westie's page out.  


Last night, I ran into a former Tempe Union High School District (TUHSD) colleague.  For the purpose of this post, her name is Mrs. McGee.  I had not seen her in at least a year.  We embraced and I said, "Did you watch my episode on Showtime?"  She said that she had not due to not having Showtime, and I explained to her about how she can still watch it online.  I also mentioned my guest appearance on "The Roland Martin Show."  Now, I can always tell when people drank the "Maybe Dr. Cobb is crazy" Kool Aid, which from  "my perspective" (Kevin Mendivil's favorite two words), was created and routinely stirred by TUHSD and the Ahwatukee community.  Therefore, when I shared with her my Roland experience, her expression completely changed, and that is when I had genuinely captured her attention.  Mrs. McGee said, “Did you hear that Battle was not promoted?”  I responded that I nearly got on my hands and knees and praised God.  Her husband laughed hysterically.  I take my faith seriously, and I have to agree with my Dad – maybe God allowed me to get hired at DV in order to expose TUHSD at an international level.

Indeed, Jesus is a balm in Gilead.

We also addressed how some TUHSD principals were allegedly happy that Mendivil was promoted, because if he had not received the position, they feared that they would lose their job.

Sigh.  Truly, I am waiting for the day that I find out that all of these bullied, certified TUHSD teachers have filed a class action lawsuit against the District for workplace discrimination, ADA discrimination, and retaliation.  I do not know what is taking the District’s insurance company and Larry Ward so long to “drop” their “liabilities.”  Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been paid to lawyers and former TUHSD employees due to improper workplace behavior.  Yet, some of us are told that our complaints are “frivolous.”

What’s that mathematical equation again?  3+3 =?  Carry what number?

Here is my math equation:  James Goggin + Sally Alvarez + Cicely Cobb + those whose Complaints are currently being written by their Counsel = $$$$$$$$$ that TUHSD has spent on court cases.

We discussed Sally Alvarez’s lawsuit (Alvarez v Tempe Union High School District, Anna Battle, and Kevin Mendivil), and that conversation led to me being asked the following question:  Did you know that Drs. Baca and Mendivil also allegedly applied for the Gilbert Unified Superintendent position, and only Dr. Battle was selected as a finalist?

Something has been off with this trio since July 2017 when Baca announced that he was resigning in 2018. I knew that something was up, but I could not pinpoint it.  Battle has been for applying for jobs, outside of TUHSD, since March 2017, when she was a finalist for the AIA position, and per Mrs. McGhee,  Mendivil allegedly threw his hat in the ring for the Gilbert Unified position. 

One friend often says, “Cicely, you find out everything.  It’s as if you just step outside and information falls into your lap.” 

She’s right, and just like I found out about Alvarez v Tempe Union et al, I will definitely find out all about this “shakin’”.

Larry Ward, it's time to start canceling insurance policies. . . 

Monday, October 23, 2017

"She and Her Mom are Ugly:": Teachers and Disabled Students in K12 Education

Yesterday, I came across an article, and I said, "Now, it is time to definitely share the tea that I've refused to "pour" for the past five years."  Allegedly, five Amarillo, TX teachers were accused of speaking in a negative manner about their disabled students while eating dinner at Joe Taco.  Another patron recorded the video.  The teachers, who are now "victims," have retained a lawyer, and they have been placed on administrative leave.  You can read the article at:

During my first week at Desert Vista High School, teachers were encouraged to join each other at Bleacher's, a local Ahwatukee bar, for a "Back to School" bash.  My major rule is to not to drink in front of my colleagues. Therefore, I was "good and sober" as I listened to the conversations about topics that ranged from summer vacations to students.  After this incident, I also created another rule - never leave your belongings in someone's car in case you need to leave.  I rode to the restaurant with an administrator and teacher.  By the end of the evening, I knew to treat both of them with a long-handled spoon.

As the evening progressed, one of the conversations that emerged involved an African American disabled student and her mother.   The administrator proceeded to use profanity and gestures to mock both individuals. Another administrator, who places the letter "W" in weak, sat back and laughed as well.  The ringleader said, "Oh, I think that I am too much for Dr. Cobb." The teacher laughed, but in retrospect, I am not surprised.  The woman, who I will call, Mrs. Angle, truly knew how to work angles, especially every angle in her mouth to spread gossip.  Both women were protected by their supervisor, and sadly, the supervisor had no idea how one evening, Angle demeaned her, while on the phone with me, about her parenting skills as well as issues that were private pertaining to said administrator's children.  I said, "If she talks about her BFF's children in this manner, I can only imagine what she says about other DV students."

Months later,  during my Spring evaluation, I reported the Bleacher incident and of course, I was told that it would be investigated.  The response that I received months after the fact (in a nasty tone), "That person said that the comments were never made."

I guess that I was lying, did not witness the other administrator laughing, as well as the teacher who rode with me to the event.  I am a liar just like Sally Alvarez, James Goggin, Beth Koester, and the list is growing.

I am still trying to find out the entire story involving Mrs. Koester.  It was more than her trying to merely retire.  I am fully aware that a settlement was reached, and she is not allowed to discuss the issues that led to her paid administrative lead.  A former student, who I previously tutored, informed me about the fake Facebook accounts, her harassment, etc.. . .   I have also heard about her evaluations, bullying, etc. . ..

Sigh. Arizona taxpayers.  Arizona taxpayers.

Last May,  I ran into a former colleague.  For the purpose of this post, his name is Mr. Smith.  Smith  informed me that this "educator" had received a large promotion, and had been transferred to another TUHSD high school.  Mr. Smith said, "____________ has no business running any school."  I responded, " ______________ shouldn't even be allowed to play with a Fisher Price School House full of Weebles.  Please allow me to tell you about the 2012 Bleachers incident. . . "

Delores and Otis were extremely protective of my brother and me, especially when it came to who influenced us. That is really difficult to do at a school.  Blindly, parents believe that educators and administrators have their children's best interest at heart.  Sadly, a significant number of them do not, and the population that parents need to especially protect are children who suffer from disabilities.  Please be sure to closely monitor the teachers' verbal and nonverbal communication with your children.  And, in this case, be sure to pay close attention to the school's administrators and their views towards the disabled.


Monday, October 16, 2017

S Is For Side Eye: Alvarez v Tempe Union High School District, Anna Battle, and Kevin Mendivil (2017)

Last Friday, while brainstorming ideas for blog posts, I came across Alvarez v Tempe Union High School District, Anna Battle, and Kevin Mendivil (2017).   Immediately, I said, "Lord, please tell me that these two are not embroiled in another lawsuit."

When you allow God to fight your battles. . .

Readers, y'all know my history with Drs. Battle and Mendivil.  In fact, ever since TUHSD shocked everyone and selected Kevin Mendivil as the new TUHSD Supt., my phone has rang nonstop.  Granted, Mendivil is the lesser of the two evils, I am not elated that he was selected for this position.  Dr. Mendivil knew what many certified/classified employees have endured, but from "my perspective," - Kevin's favorite phrase when speaking with me, he sat back and allowed us to be annihilated by a workplace bully.

Man UP, Kevin.  Man. UP.   Dr. Baca, I now understand why you have elected to leave TUHSD.  How many lawsuits have been filed since you became Supt.?


In my Riley Curry voice, "Wellllllllll."  Mendivil has found himself in his second lawsuit within a three year period.  What is concerning is that this Co-Defendant has been selected as the Supt. of TUHSD. I want to know how is it possible that a  Associate Supt. of Human Resources has been named in two lawsuits, since 2017, and he was recently appointed the Supt. of TUHSD.

3+3 equals what?  What number do we carry?

Both of these individuals should not even be allowed to draw a photo of a schoolhouse on a sheet of paper. In fact, when they see a school bus, on the road, they should pull over and treat that bus as if it was an ambulance.

Some Arizonians, especially Ahwatukee residents have found it difficult to believe that TUHSD could actually condone workplace bullying,  I want y'all to read Ms. Sally Alvarez's Complaint.  Alvarez, like James Goggin and myself has a disability, and per the Complaint, she received less than stellar marks on her evaluation - - - the one that was conducted shortly after she returned from FMLA.  Although she had previously received good evaluations, *surprisingly* she was now deemed as incompetent and encouraged to resign, or face termination.

The TUHSD playbook is the same.  Maybe Mendivil will update it once he takes the helm in July, 2018.   These Complaints all read the same - teacher either is a whistle blower or asked for an ADA accommodation, and suddenly,  the employee is an ineffective instructor, director of transportation, coach, etc. .

S is for side eye.

Both Mendivil and Battle need to remain in TUHSD, because with these two lawsuits, I do not know how they think that another school district will hire them.  These lawsuits are worse than any PIP that they placed TUHSD teachers on prior to termination. What's the favorite phrase that my colleagues and I heard - "Kevin and Anna, I am noticing a pattern here. We have all of these individuals filing lawsuits and naming you as Co-Defendants.  Do you mean to tell me that each of them has lied? What would they possibly gain from lying about you?"

Let me stopping giving y'all the side-eye before my contact lenses get stuck in the corners of my eyes.

I encourage y'all both to read Exodus 14:14; Psalm: 27:14 ;  and Philippians 4: 19.

It utterly disgusts me that the State of Arizona has to continue to pay for these lawsuits.  We have TUHSD children whose parents are scraping cash together in order to pay their children's $1900 cheer leading dues.

You read correctly.  $1900.  Yet, TUHSD can continue to hire high-power law firms to fight lawsuits that should have never come into fruition.

If I had the energy, I would attend law school and become the Gloria Allred prototype needed to crush TUHSD.

Ms. Alvarez, I wish you the best.  I am praying that you have a strong, support system, because you are going to need it.  You will be called a liar, informed that you are crazy, and your so-called friends, who are still affiliated with TUHSD, may turn their back on you.  Remain ENCOURAGED.

Note: Alvarez's Complaint can be found on Pacer.  Please take the time to create an account and read it.

Monday, October 2, 2017

The Power of the U: Teachers Unions and K12 Education

One of the biggest blunders that K12 principals and superintendents make is underestimating the power of a teacher's union.  I have worked for two large school districts, and most definitely the Phoenix Union High School District's (PUHSD) Certified Teacher's Association (CTA) is an organization that people should never underestimate.  In fact, PUHSD's CTA should offer workshops on topics such as how teachers should handle conflict with administrators; contract organizations; and  turmoil caused by overbearing school officials who are attempting to destroy educators' careers.  In Teacher union renewal:  developing the power of the profession” (, Educational International states that one of the pressing issues impacting American teachers is the “constant undermining of their professional judgment.” 

From my own experience, I witnessed how teachers’ professional judgment was constantly questioned by two groups who deemed themselves as our bosses:  students and parents.  Due to the alleged “pressure” of the community, some administrators acquiesced and handed their power to families in order to keep the peace as well as have those parents’ generous checks continue being deposited into the District’s bank account.  Often, I would hear, “Oh, Mrs. ______ is my friend.”  No parents should be a principal’s “friend,” and when a teacher hears that, she should know that if it were a choice between protecting her or the parent, the parent would be assisted.

 At one particular school, teachers, who joined the Union, went to Union representatives for assistance, and they were informed that they could not help them, because they feared that the principal would target them, and they were too close to retirement to have their job jeopardized.  A common practice, at that particular institution was the following:  You are a Union rep.  You assisted Ms. Smith with her issues with Principal _________  Now, Principal ________ would start dissecting all of your teaching practices, and rather than having glowing evaluations, you would start receiving “Needs Improvement” in certain categories.  Parents would then call the school, and students would start complaining.  Mind you, there were absolutely no issues, with the rep’s teaching until he defended Ms. Smith.

Consequently, certified employees found themselves contacting the Arizona Educator Association (AEA) for assistance, and sadly, rather than fighting to assist teachers, employed on that particular campus, they would say, during a 1:1 with teachers, “I need for you to consider leaving this campus, because that principal is vindictive and will destroy you.  We have dealt with this person for years, and it’s only getting worse.” 

Oftentimes, principals and superintendents make a grave error by thinking that teachers will not eventually rise up and “ice” their oppressors’ career. Some key leaders wrongfully believe that their “community,”  will never turn against them.

The worst mistake that school administrators can make is openly supporting students and parents over their staff.  It is because of this that teachers unions are rising, and they are becoming a powerful force.  Ineffective teachers unions are turning to successful ones for guidance, and because of that collaboration, a significant number of school officials are now finding themselves being forced out of jobs.

Over the past 10 years, there has been a crusade, led by principals and superintendents, to get rid of bad teachers.  Due to the rise of teacher unions, there is now a push to remove ineffective principals from schools as well as ensure that superintendents’ contracts are not renewed due to creating a hostile work environment. 

Some superintendents are now cleaning their offices out and treating each work day as if it may be their last.

In 2017,  teachers unions are crushing dictatorial power, and unless school officials realize this, they will be jobless.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Keep Them Runnin’: The “Corridor of Shame” and K12 Education

Three years ago, I met a man from Sumter, South Carolina.  As he initially struggled in Phoenix, I asked him, “Have you considered returning to South Carolina?”  For over 30 minutes, I heard about his hometown’s school system, and he mentioned how he could not subject his daughter to Sumter’s school curriculum.  We also discussed how his sisters did not truly place an emphasis on education with their children, and he was unaware of their long-term goals.

After reading “At Duke,  I realized how badly many South Carolina schools are failing students like me,” I reflected upon our conversation.  Ehime Ohue, a sophomore at Duke University, attended Lake Marion High School (LMHS).  LMHS is one of the high schools affiliated with the “Corridor of Shame.”  The Corridor of Shame is “a string of rural school districts where students receive inferior educational opportunities.” These districts are located on Interstate 95.

In short, this is an example of 21st century slavery.  I cannot help but think of the phrase, from Invisible Man, “Keep th[ose] nigger-boy[s] [and girls] running.”   Ms. Ohue discusses how she began noticing the disparities in her education, in kindergarten.  Her teacher stated that she “couldn’t do this anymore,” and she resigned.  Sumter, SC African American K12 educators were being paid $3,000-12,000 less than their White peers teaching in neighboring districts.

The legacy of Thurgood Marshall.  Sigh.

Once enrolled at Lake Marion High School, Ohue noticed her teachers’ lack of training and limited supplies.  A math teacher was in the classroom, but he was still “undergoing training.”  The school did not have an adequate number of calculators, computers were not being properly serviced, and instructors were quitting.  Yet, as Ohue notes, her high school was considered “one of the best in the region.” 
During her freshman year at Duke University, the impact of the “Corridor of Shame” slapped Ohue in the face.  Ehime developed an inferiority complex, and she could not be an active participant in conversations pertaining to how her Duke lectures were reviewing information that she was taught while in high school.

I am not surprised by Ms. Ohue’s experience.  A substantial number of minority students, across the United States, can relate.  While teaching in a Phoenix, Arizona high school, that has a large percentage of minority students, I saw many Ehime Ohues.  Some of the worst teachers were sent to a particular high school.  I was told that if they ended up there, and they were White, it was a form of “punishment,” and once they redeemed themselves, they could apply to be transferred.  A former White department chair condemned how our Caucasian colleagues were deliberately “dumbing down” the education for minorities.

In her article, Ms. Ohue states that local businesses have to “give back” to these schools.  She is absolutely correct.  I would like to know which successful, African American men and women attended schools that comprise the Corridor?  How are they attempting to make a difference?  Sumter, SC is also home to Morris College, a historically black college (HBCU).  How is Morris taking these children under its wings?  Have they considered opening a preparatory school on campus?

Mr. Kelvin Lemon, is Lake Marion’s principal.  I question what his reaction is to Ms. Ohue’s article, and how he is trying to implement change.  Are his African American teachers trying to “make that change,” or are they “Golden Negroes?” 

Note:  Information pertaining to Lake Marion High School can be found on their website:

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"I Want To Kill A Nigger In Your Honor": Charlottesville, VA Protest, Ahwatukee Millenials, and The Face of America's Racists

The Charlottesville, Virginia protest brought back some memories associated with my tenure at Desert Vista High School as well as when Bobby posted blackface photos and tagged me.  As a reminder, the posts were made in the Ahwatukee 411, and the group’s creator elected not to remove this White supremacist from her group.

During my first year at DV, I informed a predominately Caucasian class that their generation is the face of racism. I stated that our country needed to fear millenials.   I did not fear their parents/grandparents as much as these students and their classmates.  The 2012-14 DV administrators, with their famous “Let me mess up Dr. Cobb’s weekend by having a Friday afternoon meeting “ (as IF I was not on to their juvenile tactics), used to say, “Dr. Cobb, you are projecting your views regarding racism onto these innocent children.”

3+3 equals what?  What number do you need to carry?

These are the same students, who during 2013 Senior Week, came to school dressed as Hispanic landscapers for Career Day.  Sadly, even a Mexican-American male student joined in on the “fun.”

Self-hatred is real.  Were the students sent home?  Of course, not.  Teachers commented about it, but of course, the DV way is to comment and then turn a blind’s eye to the racism found on that campus.  It was amazing how Ms. Oompa Loompa, my former colleague, could identify the racism found amongst the students, but she failed to identify when her BFF was mistreating me in our department.


Y’all already know what happened to me.   Please allow me to share with you what one of the young men, who was featured in my Showtime episode, endured.  Last summer, Showtime sent me a message, and they asked me if I knew Q.  I received a screenshot that included his photo and one of the most racist messages that I have read in my life. Q and I did not formally meet until I saw him jogging, and I was walking home.  That was about four months ago.  He remembered me from Desert Vista, but unfortunately, I did not recall seeing him.  Q. said, “Dr. Cobb, you were always so nice, and you greeted me each time that I passed by your classroom door.” 

The screenshot contained a conversation between Q and one of my former student’s brother, Wyn (name changed).   I will be honest – I had zero respect for my former student, and I sensed that he and his brother were one in the same.  The brothers were members of DV’s hockey team, and those “pretty boys” felt as if they walked on water.  Their father is a wealthy Arizona broker. I sensed that he tried his best to discipline his sons, but his wife, a SAHM who spends her mornings playing tennis, always protected her “babies” when teachers contacted her.  The older brother, who I will call Lemuel, terrorized both his Government instructor and myself.  In fact, his Govt. teacher stated how she reported him the school’s Student Resource Officer (SRO) due to his comments associated with President Obama.

Lemuel was not suspended.  Although the SRO officer was extremely nice, when I had to deal with DV students, I always asked for another Phoenix Police officer.  I felt that the school’s SRO was easily manipulated.  Y’all already know that I caught hell for that. 

Back to his brother.  For the purpose of this post, I will say that his name is Wyn.  Wyn, intoxicated, was on Instagram, last summer, and he and another friend posted how in honor of “Nicole” (name changed), they wanted to “kill a nigger.”

Gasp!  DV administrators claimed that racism was not an issue at their school.  Yet, a 2016 graduate stated that he wanted to “kill a nigger.”  Q. tried telling Wyn that he was a “nigger” and that Nicole had allowed him to borrow her phone.   Q. could have been my child.  He started tagging Wyn’s father on Instagram, emailed him, etc. . .   Q. also attempted to contact The University of Arizona regarding their incoming Freshman.

What was Wyn’s response?   He stated that someone had used his phone without his permission while he was attending a party.

Jesus, please be a fence all around me.

I have the screenshots.  They disgust me.  It is the grace of God that I have not seen Lemuel, Wyn, or his parents.  This behavior was learned.   I fault both parents for their son’s behavior. 

Wyn could easily be a Charlottesville, VA protestor.   Both Wyn and Lemuel are prime examples of White privilege.  What scares me is that these men will continue to deflect each time that they are “caught” with their KKK hoods on.  I fully blame their parents. This behavior was learned.  I wonder how many African American employees that his father has employed since he created his company.  Does his wife play tennis with minority women?

Bobby, did you attend the VA protest?

Monday, August 7, 2017

Where Dem Dollars At? : Tax Evasion and the Phoenix Union High School District

10 years ago today, I accepted my first public school teaching position with the Phoenix Union High School District (PUHSD).  Indeed, I earned my Purple Heart.  My teaching assignment was at South Mountain High School under the leadership of Alvin L. Watson, Soraya Hawthorne, and Sherri Kaplan.

I need a drink just from typing those three sentences. 

I was a novice teacher who came on that campus in a pretty dress and Coach handbag. My aim was to help students graduate high school and obtain a college degree. The black and Hispanic students initially viewed me as a “saltine cracker” who was not “black enough,” and probably only dated White men.  Many black females, in particular, resented me, because sadly I was a reminder of what their mother could have been if teen pregnancy, drug abuse, and jail sentences had not interrupted her life.

South was a learning curve.  I eventually left PUHSD; however, I am still in touch with a significant number of students from my first year of employment with the District. 

PUHSD is NO JOKE.  I look back, and I realize that my Desert Vista High School colleagues would not last one week working there.  A significant number of DVHS employees had taken on this arrogant demeanor, and even though many could not afford to own a house in Ahwatukee, they acted as if they resided in the custom homes located in the Foothills.    

PUHSD taught me how to reach my students at their level; the importance of documentation; how to deal with racist administrators; and black female assistant principals who resented me solely for having a pretty face.

I am still in touch with several PUHSD employees and retirees.  Last Friday, while on the phone with a PUHSD retiree, I was asked, “Cicely, did you know Julie Kendall?  She has been charged with tax evasion.”  I was FLOORED.  Julie was the employee who assisted me when I left PUHSD.  Immediately, I looked up the article on, and I read it. The article is located at:

Living in Phoenix, Arizona is no joke.  For years, I have tried explaining to people that $100 will last you about 20 minutes in Target.  It is extremely expensive to reside in this metropolitan city; however, I have never thought to cheat the government, my employer, and especially take money, from a District, that could have been used to assist students.

PUHSD, Julie was able to do this because y’all trusted her a tad bit too much.  No controller should ever be able to have access to her W-2 forms, payroll information, etc.  .  . Since a vast number of school districts are now seeing schools as a “business,” then you need to treat it as one, and please consider having companies, such as ADP, serve as your payroll resource.  Quit allowing PUHSD employees to handle payroll.  For five years, Ms. Kendall was able to falsify tax documents. Then, in 2016, an investigation occurred.  How much did that cost the District?  I know what I paid in legal fees, and I know that District attorneys even charge more just to simply milk y’all for being who you are. The misappropriation of funds is a major issue impacting U.S. school districts.  To think that my tax dollars paid for this nonsense saddens me.  Some children could have benefited from scholarships based upon the money that you spent alone in order to investigate Ms. Kendall and her sister.

PUHSD, y’all deal with a lot of children from the hood.  Those babies could have told you, “You never allow an inside person to have that much control of your money.  You always go back and double-check that your funds are accounted for.”

Real talk.

PUHSD’s CTA is a powerful force in the state of Arizona.  The TUHSD’s so-called teachers association needs to take some serious lessons from them.  I have NO respect for TUHSD’s TEA, because many of the representatives are weak, and they were too scared to attend meetings with me involving TUHSD administrators and District leaders. One Desert Vista High School TEA rep said to me, “Dr. Cobb, I am so close to retirement, and I am scared to attend a meeting with you.”    PUHSD’s CTA does not care.  They will go after a principal and/or Superintendent in a heartbeat.

The CTA needs to do the following:

·      Hold Julie Kendall’s boss responsible for this situation.
·      Ensure that the District considers having an outside company handle payroll and tax documents.
·      Have the District monitor how money is being kept on school campuses.  How much is kept in school vaults?  Who has access to those funds?

The word is out that allegedly another Arizona high school district is investigating the misappropriation of funds within their school district, and it has allegedly led to a shakeup in leadership.  I am no saint; however, how do you rob children of money that could assist them with their education?  It is called greed.  Years ago, I asked a former acquaintance, “Did you ever receive money in order for you to live in  _________ so that your son could play ball?”  While sitting at The Olive Garden, she said, “I plead the 5th.”

My tax dollars. Your tax dollars.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

I Can't Be A Racist. My Baby Momma Is Hispanic: Bobby, His Interracial Family, and Racism

As I reviewed my notes,  I realized that Bobby stated, in his response to my Ahwatukee 411 review, that his immediate family was "mixed." Bobby informed me that since he was in a relationship with a woman of color, and his children were biracial, he could not be a racist.

Bye, Felix.  As one former acquaintance would say, "This man is ILL."

Once again, please refer to my favorite math equation.  Throughout my unfortunate situation with the Tempe Union High School District, White folk often said to me, "There is no way that certain educators  could have possibly done this to Dr. Cobb, because these individuals are also people of color."


 I do not understand why it is so difficult for White folk to understand that not all black folk are BLACK, and that a large percentage of us do not get along.  I do not care if black folk hired another African American.  They may have merely hired the person in order to destroy them.  Lord, I've had black bosses hate because I have a Ph.D., and they have an Ed.D.; I'm prettier than them, and the fellow male educators are wanting to date me, and not them.

Black women, especially, can be on some true BULLSHIT.

Bobby is an ultimate racist, and it disgusts me that his baby momma is a person of color.  I need to help y'all, especially these Ahwatukee folk, who are following my blog nonstop (I'm like Rockwell - "I always feel like.  Somebody's watching ME!" ) with the following situation:  Simply because Bobby has an Hispanic partner and biracial children does not mean that he loves ALL Mexicans.  He is simply in love with his children's mother, and his children.  Bobby still desires to have Trump build that wall, and he resents black folk.  That is also like the Caucasian female, from the Desert Vista Six, who spelled out the word, Nigger, with their t-shirts.  She had a black boyfriend; that does not mean that she is absolved from being a racist.  I am so SICK of Caucasians using that as their rebuttal.

The same goes for black men.  An African American man can marry a White woman, but remain a bigot.  He happens to just love the Caucasian woman that is his wife.

Also, please allow me to break this down to y'all.  Black folk cannot be racist.  We can be bigots, but not racists.  In order to be a racist, we would have to be able to gain something from oppressing Caucasians.  Educate yourself about systemic racism.  Quit lovin' Golden Negroes.

Swallow.  Say that I am crazy and ignorant.  That's fine.  However, this framed diploma, on my wall, from Purdue University,states that I have a Doctor of Philosophy from a Research One institution, and that degree is in American Studies.  I *think* that I may be an expert regarding race in America, especially since I have written articles, which have been published, regarding race in America.

Dr. Cobb is a LIAR. I have heard that a lot over the past five years.  Please refer to my math equation and articles about my Showtime "Dark Net" episode.  Showtime spent thousands of dollars on a so-called liar.  What does 3+3 equal?


White men, like Bobby, are dangerous. I date men, from all races; however, I will tell them in a minute that if you are a racist, do not even waste your time with me.   Bobby is a prime example of a Caucasian man who sees a woman of color as his sexual conquest.  He is NOT about supporting his children's mother and the struggles associated with her people.  She is the equivalent of a mail order bride.

I will now refer to Bobby's supporters as the "Bobbettes."  They are mostly Caucasian females, with the exception of one Latina. For the Latina, I have the following questions for you:

1. Do you realize that you are Mexican?  Although your children can "pass," and you dress them in a manner that appears more White-oriented than Hispanic, do you not realize that Bobby still sees you, and your family, as Mexican?  Do you understand that this community has identified you as an ultimate sellout?
2. Both local residents and the Phoenix Police (local) are now on high alert about Bobby?  Do you still support him?
3. For Bobby's significant other,  your partner is a racist that masquerades as the same race as your mother.  How does this make you feel?

Bobby needs to be in Tent City.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

GO DUCKS!: Jeff Clayton, Internet Trolling, and the Racism Associated With Ahwatukee 411

I joined the Ahwatukee 411 in 2014, and I was removed in June 2016.  The only good thing, that emerged from my membership, was forming two, strong friendships.  Both women would take a paper clip beating for me.  Otherwise, if you want to send my blood pressure up, mention Ahwatukee 411 to me.  Aside from Bobby’s blackface photos, I saw a man post a thread about how Ahwatukee does not need to grant individuals Section 8 housing, because it would possibly lead to Hispanics, from Guadalupe, moving to Ahwatukee.  This particular thread went on for over 24 hours.  Residents asked the administrator to remove the thread, and it appeared that their requests fell onto deaf ears.   Concerned members reprimanded participants, and eventually, a man said to me, “My attempt at a joke obviously offended some so I would like to apologize.  If I had an idea that anyone would have taken it to heart, I wouldn’t have.” 

Guadalupe.  I used to pass through Guadalupe daily, and for the most part, the homes’ exterior were well kept.  Oh, if I could tell you about some of these Ahwatukee houses!  When purchasing a home, I would have to shower after viewing the properties with my realtor.  The cat urine stench.  The dirty tubs and showers. 

Yet, Mexicans are filthy and bring down property value.

That mathematical equation, readers.

The Ahwatukee 411 has become the perfect group for Bobby.  This is a conservative, pro Trump community.  I have no issues with people being Republican; however, I have a fierce problem with you being racist and targeting people of color.  In 2016, I saw many posts that denounced Black Lives Matter and the possibilities of Hispanics wanting to relocate to Ahwatukee. This group has allowed him to “test” his aliases as well as share his racist and misogynistic views.  When I reported the pickaninny photo, an admin said that she would contact Bobby; however, Bobby, one year later, is still in the group, along with Jason Alexander and Regina Maples. I am sure that Antonio, Charles, and Kel are also members.  One friend, in her Ahwatukee 411 review, said, “  I am saying politely that this group has too many hateful individuals, and they are allowed to stay and make racist postings while those of us who are floored by them and speak up get bullied, told we are crazy, and get banned, deleted, and blocked.” 

Many members left the Ahwatukee 411 due to Bobby and the administrators failing to prevent the racist comments. Some are Republicans, and although they support Trump, Bobby’s comments were too White supremacist for their liking.

My friend does not use the private message feature on Facebook.  Something tells me that Bobby, Charles, Antonio, Regina, and/or Jeff have probably messaged her.

I am a woman of color.  Some of the administrators are POC.  Therefore, I was floored that they allowed the conversation to occur. Do y’all remember my Senor Pocho post?  Senora Pocho also exists.  Some folks don’t want to be black, and some folk don’t want to be Latina/Latino or Asian. I cannot force anyone to embrace his or her ethnicity; however, fair housing is a federal law. 

I shared my concerns with the administrators’ pastor.  He is the Senior Pastor of  “We Like to Change Our Name All The Time” Church, which is located in Ahwatukee.  I received no response.  He and his wife adopted two, African American children.  Yet, when that color line is drawn, y’all. . .  I heard that members are leaving the church left and right.  I was recently informed that an associate pastor led a sermon regarding racism.

3+3 equals what?

There is this misconception, in Ahwatukee, that I do not have any friends. :Drumroll:  I DO have friends.  An Arizona certified teacher took my photo, last Fall, while I was in Target.  She uploaded it to an Ahwatukee Facebook group, and a conversation occurred where a local business owner said that I was “bitter” and did not have any friends, and she felt sorry for me.  Mind you, I had just left breakfast with friends, and I was checking messages, while sitting in Target’s cafĂ© area.

I bring this up, because Jeff Clayton sent me the screenshots a few days ago.  He warned me that not everyone was my friend.  Basically, Clayton was targeting this particular Facebook group, because he was fully aware that 1.) They hated him, and 2. He was seeking revenge and 3. He needed to deflect, and he was trying to throw anyone under the bus in order to get the attention off of himself.

Please allow me to say the following:  For the most part, I am hesitant to be friends with a substantial number of Ahwatukee residents.  I have been burned, and my guard is up. Showtime asked me, “Cicely, we saw the post where someone said, “How does it feel to be expelled from your community.  How does this make you feel?” I said, “Do you really think that I have the desire to befriend individuals who embrace White supremacy and deem that Ahwatukee is not the community for poor Hispanics?  I don’t want them in my house.  One Ahwatukee 411 administrator was my photographer, and when she showed me who she was, I literally was on my hands and knees scrubbing this house.  In fact, I had my cleaning crew come and do a deep clean. I went from one room to the next, and I asked that the Lord remove her spirit from my residence.  Said person had been inside of my home, and this house felt filthy after I realized who she truly was. I have no desire to break bread with my so-called neighbors.  Also, do you think that I want to befriend adults whose children, high on drugs at 6 AM, are following me, in their car, and screaming crazy-ass bitch to me?  I was walking to a bus stop, and a former student, high as a kite, had her friend, who was also under the influence, put the car in reverse as I was walking down the street.  My grandmother was on the phone, and she was nearly hysterical.  I had a woman, who lives around the corner, side with an Ahwatukee administrator, because when that color line is drawn, you know where folks, who SWEAR that they love black folk, will be. When I told her about the blackface issue, she said, “What do you want me to say? I don’t know what to do?”  I said, “What would Jesus do, Christian?” I had to cut her off. I felt as long as  I was the “good black” then she wanted to associate with me.  Once I got “out of line,” then I became “too much.  F*ck that.  I associate with two women out here, and that’s it.  From my experience, many of these White residents see befriending black folk as the “perfect accessory” to compliment their image.  I am a human being, not a damn purse.” 

Showtime, at times, was really surprised by my rawness.  An acquaintance had warned them.  She stated, “Dr. Cobb is RAW, and I am telling you that when you interview her, get ready, because she does not mince her words.  She will startle you, because she gives zero f*cks.”

As aforementioned, several members, of this community, have declared that I do not have friends.  Please allow me to tell you that my dearest friends happen to live out of state, and when I posted about Jeff Clayton and Miss Curley, the Tempe Elementary school teacher, one friend said, “I want names.”  Another told me to give her a synopsis about Jeff Clayton.   J. contacted Miss Curley, and she berated her for taking my photo, which led to Clayton harassing me.  Of course, she received the typical, “I do not know what you are talking about” message.  My friend said that she was contacting her employer, and J. blocked her.   Miss Curley then had the audacity to message me and tell me that I was “confused” and that she had nothing but “respect “ for me.

Girl, BYE.

Can y’all imagine how she is teaching children how to add?

I am from East Chicago, IN. This is a city that contains some “real folk.” We treat our friends like family, and if you mess with them, it’s on.   My friends have been itching to get Ahwatukee residents told since they saw the video of the young man hitting me.  Residents supported his actions, and they claimed that they wanted to know his name.  Of course, I could not release that information; however, they are the stalking type themselves.  They scoured Twitter, and they eventually found a tweet that said that the “highlight” of my attacker’s high school experience was hitting me and having his friends record it.  I had to beg them not to communicate with him.  Tempe Union High School District, in an official statement claimed that they disciplined each student that cyberbullied me.  If the discipline was that strong, would this person have felt confident enough to post his message onto social media?  If he had been expelled, as what was the proper procedure outlined in the TUHSD handbook, he would not have received the opportunity to even think that his disrespectful act was the “highlight” of his high school experience.  By not effectively disciplining these students, people, like Bobby, think that they can get away with trolling me.  As a reminder, I am a “crazy bitch,” and if a powerful school district allegedly ignored my cries for help, then Clayton thought that the Phoenix Police would too.

Another friend contacted Jeff Clayton.  A. was tired of the nonsense.  Jeff Clayton is most definitely Bobby.  Last year, a friend sent me a photo of Bobby.  When I looked at it today, I noticed that he was standing in front of an Oregon sign.  Please make note of Jeff’s profile photo.  Then, pay attention to the following picture:

Go Oregon Ducks!

Jeff responded to A’s message, and he tried to deflect.  He informed A. that "the only time [that he] ha[d] communicated with [me] was a couple days ago [in order to share] sensitive info about people that are two faced."  Apparently, A. and I "had the situation all wrong."  He requested that we provide him with proof that he has harassed me. 


Patti Baker, are you still willing to support your friend?  

Y’all do recall my favorite mathematical equation. 

Bobby aka Jeff Clayton derived the name, Jeff Clayton from a local businessman’s first and last name.   Last Thursday, I called this individual, and I profusely apologized.  People were getting confused between Bobby’s alias and this man.

In her June 2016 private message, an Ahwatukee 411 admin said, “I really think that this is [a]ffecting you (I do not know why people struggle so much with “effect” and “affect.”) tremendously, and I worry that it’s going to turn into something that i[t] is not.”

WELL, this is what Bobby’s terror has “turn[ed] into” – an Injunction document; me speaking to a judge about his aliases, and people concerned for my welfare. It has also “turned” into a substantial number of female Ahwatukee residents being terrorized by this troll.

Virtual racism and sexism does have real consequences.