Friday, November 16, 2012

Freshman Honors English Extra Credit Project

Dear Freshman:

Please review your extra credit assignment:

Freshman Honors English Extra Credit Assignment

You are to read Where’d You Go, Bernadette?
1.      Respond to any initial blog post RE: the EC project (from me).  Your comments need to be a minimum of 25-30 words.
2.    Write an online book review – Length:  300 words  Specific instructions regarding the structure of your book review will be given at a later date.
4.      Post your book review on your blog.
 5.      Submit (hard copy):
·        Your responses to my blog entries (A Word document of this information is fine).
·        A copy of your blog post (of your book review).
·        A copy of your online book review (from Amazon)

Due:  December 10th
Points:  30

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Read Closely and Carefully: The Importance of Identifying and Interpreting Significant Quotations

Dear Students:

This year, you have found yourself taking several English quizzes/examinations that contain quotations.  You are asked to identify the speaker and discuss the quotation's relevance to the assigned text. A significant number of you struggle with these types of tests.  Please review the following Powerpoint Presentation (PPT).  I ask that you review this information on my Fusion page.


* Pay attention to what you read.  Do not simply go through the motions.
* Identify the passage's speaker, tone, etc. . . What clues help you realize who the speaker is?
* Ask yourself, "How does this quotations pertain to the entire work?

As always, Go THUNDER!