Thursday, July 24, 2014


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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2014 or 1955?

Dear Reader:

I am SO sick of the word, "ni**a."  Students and adults (from all races) use it. 

The NAACP buried this word years ago. 

When will people realize that?  What's sickening is that CHILDREN are using this word on a daily basis.  About two months ago, while walking in my neighborhood, I heard a young white male refer to his black, male friend as a "ni**a."  The black male just laughed and continued to talk to his peer.

Please check out this article:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Dear Readers:

Let America say AMEN!  I am glad that the judicial system sided with the Cannings.  Students need to realize that their #1 job is attending school.,,20793727,00.html


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Teen Rights?

Dear Readers:

Oh, it has been awhile, and I do apologize!  Today, while reading the news online, I came across this article:

My friends discuss similar issues on a weekly basis.  Where is the line between children and parents in 2014?  Is respect for one's parents "a thing of the past?"  The problem is that many of my peers' parents were strict, and because of this, I have seen parents, in my age group, attempt to befriend their children rather than being the role model that their child needs.  Children need boundaries.  Period.

What is unfortunate is how this young woman "thinks" that her parents "owe" her this.

Le sigh.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dear Dr. King

Dear Dr.King:

Thank you much for moving mountains.  It is because of your "push" that I was able to become Dr. Cicely Denean Cobb.  Thank you for fighting segregation.  Thank you for being America's "Moses."

Last Friday, a student said, "Dr. Cobb,what are you doing this weekend?" I replied that I would be honoring MLK.  For, it was MLK that helped me become Dr. Cobb.  A student said, "Dr. Cobb, you could have attended an HBCU.  His peer said, "You don't understand.  Yes, Dr. Cobb could have attended an HBCU; however, during that era, the mainstream universities received more funding than black universities.  More opportunities were with the white schools."


Sunday, January 12, 2014


Dear Readers:

Please read the following article. I strongly blame both the parents and  K-12 teachers of the students noted in this article.  As an educator, I have seen the finger immediately pointed at the teacher; however, there is one important point that needs to be made:  Teachers educate these children; they are not the parents of these adolescents.

There is no excuse for this nonsense.  I am irate over this article.  I am a 1998 graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Therefore, this article really hits close to home.  Marva Collins, a renowned educator, who was so irritated by inadequate schools that she started her own, dealt with this problem back in the 1980s.

When will we learn, America?  WHEN?

A Beautiful Story!

Dear Readers:

Please take a moment and read the following story:

Indeed, it pays to be NICE!